Phlebotomy Carts

We have your Phlebotomists and IV Therapists covered! Our durable carts feature stainless steel construction and are equipped with an extra tall 29″ vertical pole. Their 5-legged base provides 3 points of constant contact when crossing elevators and other thresholds. Work surfaces are anti-microbial and powder coated for extra durability. Trays and accessories are not included and must be ordered separately.

Phlebotomy 1370H-29


Designed for the C-Jac70 Advanced Phlebotomy Tray

Inner dimensions of tray holder: 17.5″W x 11.625″L
Tray dimensions: 17.375″W  x 11.625″L x 4″H
JAC70 phlebotomy tray
Phlebotomy 1400H-29


Uses the C-304 Droplet Blood Collection Tray

Inner dimensions of tray holder: 16.625″ W x 8.25″ L
C-304 droplet blood collection phlebotomy tray
Phlebotomy 1500H-29


Fits the C-302 Lab Tray with handle and racks

Inner dimensions of tray holder: 15.25″W x 10.25″L
Tray dimensions: 16.5″W  x 11.5″L x 6.5″H
C-302 phlebotomy tray
Phlebotomy 9400H-29


Accommodates the C-303 Dark Blue Lab Tray

Inner dimensions of tray holder: 18.375″W x 13.875″L
Tray dimensions: 18″W  x 13.5″L x 7.5″H
C-303 droplet blood collection tray

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