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Bull Horn Wheelchair Handles

Finally a major wheelchair advancement! Bull Horn wheelchair handles are ideal for airport, hospital, healthcare and after-care home settings.

Protected by United States Patents 9931255 and US D769,777-S
Patent No. US 9931255
Protected by United States Patents 9931255 and US D769,777-S
Patent No. US D769,777-S
Bull Horn wheelchair handles

C-115-S Standard Wheelchair Handles

Regular wheelchairs have no leverage – forcing the caregiver to hunch over to gain control of the chair. This puts stress and fatigue on their wrists, shoulders, and back.

It’s time to STAND UP!

Bull Horn Handles provide a comfortable hand position and posture – no matter the height of the user. They simplify transport of patients with IV poles and other equipment, and save time by eliminating the need to transfer pumps from an IV pole.


C-115-S Standard (shown)
C-115-A Airport
C-115-B Bariatric
C-115-C Cart

Bull Horn wheelchair handles
Features & Benefits:
  • Increase patient safety by providing greater control of wheelchair
  • Assist in starting and stopping, and reduces effort when moving patients
  • Lower workers comp claims by reducing stress on caregiver’s wrists, shoulders, and back
  • Design deters unauthorized removal of wheelchairs from facilities
  • Allows more room behind wheelchair for O2 holders and other equipment
  • 10 year warranty included, and handles can be transferred to new wheelchairs in minutes