Bedside Procedure Carts

Every component of these carts can be disassembled and cleaned to reduce nosocomial and other HAI’s that present such a large challenge in the hospital market. Their 5 legged base keeps 3 points of contact traversing thresholds. All drawers and accessories are easily adjustable for best workflow and LEAN practices.

IVTherapy Cart

IV-1225 IV Therapy Cart

Experience the Ease of Supply Centralization

The IV Therapy Cart is strategically crafted to start up to 4 lines at once. Delivering the best in intra-venous care, it accommodates all of the intricate lines and accessories that go along with providing care.

The central mast has a 4-hook rake top IV pole which organizes the lines and allows technicians to prepare IV medication for therapies and related procedures. The fully lipped edge is the perfect working surface for intra-venous care. Our unique auto-lifter feature allows these carts to easily adjust to the best working height.

Features & Benefits:
  • Anti-microbial working surface with a continuous lipped edge
  • 4-hook rams horn supports up to 200 lbs.
  • Adjustable height IV Pole
  • 3 drawers feature lipped edge, universal dividers, combination locks
  • Side mounted glovebox
  • Ergonomic vertical/horizontal handle
  • 4″ Silent twin-wheel casters, 2 with brake
Designed to Accommodate:
  • Gauze
  • Iodine
  • Alcohol
  • Central Lines
  • Needles

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