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Welcome to CENTiCARE Corporation, making healthcare mobile for over thirty-five years! We design and manufacture a wide range of healthcare equipment. Save time and money. Invest in quality the first time. Buy CENTiCARE.

Our mission is to design, manufacture, and continuously improve on our high quality medical products for the hospital and healthcare industries. These products will be built to evolve with the ever changing needs of healthcare to last a lifetime.



Here you will find PDF files of our brochures and flyers, as well as assembly and cleaning instructions for many of CENTiCARE’s most popular products.

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“The bull horn design is so helpful when pushing my husband (large and 270 pounds) around. LOVE LOVE LOVE them… The old style handles are not a normal position for anyone. They used to really hurt my wrists, but now I can move up or down the handles to find a comfortable position.”

– Marta D. Temple, TX

“I am a small person with a small wheelchair which my tall husband has found uncomfortable to push. We saw these extensions on wheelchairs at a local hospital, and we decided to find a set for my chair. When I say “life changing” I am not kidding. Not only do the extensions make pushing my wheelchair without back pain possible, we discovered that they make my chair more maneuverable too. He practiced hairpin turns with me in the chair in our narrow hallway – nothing to it!”

– Mary H.

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