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Bedside Procedure Carts

Every component of these carts can be disassembled and cleaned to reduce nosocomial and other HAI’s that present such a large challenge in the hospital market. All drawers and accessories are easily adjustable for best workflow and LEAN practices.


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Rapid Response Cart " C-1229 Rapid Response Cart

Designed to Supply in Emergencies!

Our Rapid Response Cart is used to treat someone’s quickly deteriorating health. This cart is not to be confused with a crash cart. The Rapid Response Cart is to be used to stablize a patient’s condition.

This Cart allows care to be administered quickly and in a safe professional manner. The fully lipped working surface provides a clean work environment, and it's 4” twin wheel casters are quiet and traverse elevators with ease.

Features & Benefits:
  • Fully lipped edge with clean writing surface
  • Two locking drawers - one red and one blue
  • Pole handle with ring mount
  • Brackets to store oxygen tank
  • Compression board hook
  • 5 legged base keeps 3 points of contact at all times
Ideal For:
  • Emergency Department
  • Same Day Surgery
  • Medical Surgical Unit
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Intensive Care Unit

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