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Stainless Steel IV Poles

CENTiCARE produces the finest IV Poles on the market. We use only the highest grade of stainless steel, and all of our poles can be fully customized to meet your service conditions.

Our 3" Silent Carpet Master deluxe casters out perform other casters on the market. Even our original IV-1000D unit can accommodate 4 pumps with ease while still providing a stable platform.


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IV Pole


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Smiles IV Stand "

Smiles IV Stand


We constructed our SMiLES IV Stand line to help a sick child forget, for a moment, that they are in a hospital and just smile! The stand's self-flushing design drains fluids and it's base is capable of holding up to 100 additional pounds for stability or OR use.

SMiLES IV Stand Highlights:

  • 24" diameter 5-legged polished aluminum base
  • Quality stainless steel construction available with 4, 8 and 10-hook tops
  • 3" twin-wheel, casters are available in multiple styles and colors
  • Modular design allows unit to never become obsolete
  • Multiple accessories, pump adapters and power sources available
  • Stand can be weighted for extra stability when using multiple pumps
The sturdy, 5-legged, polished aluminum base is made to be climbed all over. 3M coated vinyl stickers are colorful, durable and cleanable! Smiles IV Stand custom casters and stenciling

Fully Customizable MRI Compatible Fully Customizable  

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