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Stainless Steel IV Poles

CENTiCARE produces the finest IV Poles on the market. We use only the highest grade of stainless steel, and all of our poles can be fully customized to meet your service conditions.


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IV Pole


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C-IV-1000D-BC Julie's IV Pole "

Julie's IV PolesC-IV-1000D-BC

Julie, our office manager, gave our design team insight into the experience of enduring countless hours attached to an IV Pole.

"With all the hours spent hooked up to the IV," Julie said, "I really wish my IV Pole would have been easier to maneuver, quieter when pushing down the hall, and easier to move between carpeted and tiled areas of patient rooms and bathrooms."

"The vibrant colors and words of encouragement on the CENTiCARE IV Poles would have been uplifting throughout a long day of treatment."

Julie's Pole Highlights:

  • 24" diameter 5-legged aluminum base
  • Equipped with 25 lb. weight
    (50 lb. weight available)
  • Oversized adjustment knob
  • Custom stenciling on base
  • SiLENT 3" Carpet Master deluxe casters
Julie's IV Pole pink-ribbon rams horns topper

Fully Customizable MRI Compatible Fully Customizable  

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