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Custom Products

We specialize in working together with hospitals to solve common AND unique problems!

CENTiCARE designs and manufactures custom products for all areas of the healthcare industry. Our products adapt to fit your specific needs. A little higher, lower, wider, narrower – it doesn't matter. Our team truly manufactures all of our products with love. It doesn’t matter if it is a small or big job – we tackle all projects with the knowledge that people are depending on our quality solutions to do their jobs better… so they can focus on patient care!

Projects: 2016

Bull Horn Wheelchair Handle Extensions

A wheelchair is designed for the comfort of the patient, but can be cumbersome for the caregiver bent over and pushing. Our solution is handle extensions designed to allow the givegiver to stand straight while pushing, not bending down and straining their back. They also give more control while crossing a variety of surfaces, slopes, and thresholds.

Our handle extensions are also theft deterrents. After having a serious issue with wheelchair theft, one client noted a rapid decrease after standardizing their wheelchairs with our handle extensions.

Projects: 2015

Phlebotomy Stand Tablet Mount

Customer needed a cart with high quality 4" twin wheel casters, plenty of workspace and a way to mount their tablet.

We designed a custom mount that fits their specific model of tablet with protective cover. The mount is adjustable so they can see the screen when driving the cart and then adjust it so they can see it when using the workspace.



Listening to Your Clients, and Putting Patient Care First!

We were having dialogue with one of our east coast clients and she asked:

"Have you ever made a bracket for patients to put their cell phone in? Something simply, easy to clean, and holds various types of phones and devices. People wearing hospital gowns don't have pockets, but they like to keep their phones close..."

Here you go Trish! Another problem solved.



Projects: 2014

Custom Stainless
Steel Hampers

Our custom single and double stainless steel hampers are built around your hospital's bag, space allocated, or both!

New custom stenciling options allow you to easily identify and control hamper inventory.


More Projects from 2014:

Project: Custom Phlebotomy Carts

Universal Stainless Steel Handle

Custom Phlebotomy Cart Handle

Wheelchair Side Cart

Custom Extended Accessories Carts

Custom Workspace Phlebotomy Carts

Fischer Scientific Phlebotomy Cart

Creative Use of
Drawer Tops

Electronic Charting Cart

Welch Allen Stand

Ok Ladies, Load it Up!

Tug® IV Pole Mount

8 Drawer Cart

AirPal Canister Mount
for Ambulances

Over Bed Table

Project: 4-Legged Base

Bed Mounted IV Pole

Cute Little Monitor Stand

How Do You Transport
Your IV Poles?

Let There Be Light!

Oxygen Tank Caddy

Anti Theft Tablet
Charging Enclosure

Why Stainless Steel is
So Important

Custom Electronic
Charting Carts

Custom Stainless Steel Hamper Stenciling

IV Pole Line Organizer

Stainless Chromatography Bag Clamp

Jordolf Bracket for IV Pole with Hillrom Sport Bed
Projects: 2013

Custom PVC
Isolation Stations

Our client wanted the ability to store up to 75 clean Isolation gowns in one cart. They had to be low profile, be able to hold 3 glove boxes, a place for masks, and side pocket for forms or signage needed nearby.

This facility uses reusable gowns secured with rubber bands, creating a rubber band excess on every unit. We created a holder on the work surface to accommodate the rubber bands and solve the problem!


More Projects from 2013:
Project: Stainless Steel Hampers

Custom Universal MultiPump Mount Universal Bag Hook Universal Pole Mounted Dividable Organizer

Project: CENTi Knob

Custom Surgical Stand

Phlebotomy Stand Refurbishing/Upgrades

Custom PVC Soiled Linen Hampers with Wraps

Project: EVS Mop Cart SMiLES Phlebotomy

Blood Bank Bag Shelf
Project: Rake Top
Weighted OR IV Pole

Custom 3 Shelf Stainless Carts

ED Exam Room Curtain Hanger

Project: Mobile Welding Station

Drawers, Drawers, and More Drawers

Pizza Pan Supply Shelf

Stainless Steel OR Mat Drying Rack
Projects: 2012

Victory Line Carts

As we worked with the SPD manager of a VA in the midwest, they shared they had a huge problem with Isolation gown and sling storage. They also asked if we could put a 'Patriotic Spin' on our current design. So we brought the concept to our seamstress, who is a veteran herself, and this is what she came up with. Now you can’t go anywhere in this VA without seeing a CENTiCARE Victory Cart!


More Projects from 2012 and Before:

Project: Sani Wipe
Mounting Bracket

Fully Customizable CPR Boards

PVC Linen Hampers Customizable to Any Size

Custom Project Identification

Stainless Linen Hampers

Color-Coded Commodes

Project: Gaymar Stand

Electronic Charting Carts

Custom CAD Capabilities

Project: Scrub Cart

Bedside Heart Hospital Supply Cart

Nurse Server Supply Storage and Transport

Project: Photo Shoots
with Adorable Kids

Project: HUGE Blanket Collection Cart

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