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Custom Products

We specialize in working together with hospitals to solve common AND unique problems.

CENTiCARE designs and manufactures custom products for all areas of the healthcare industry. Our products adapt to fit your specific needs. A little higher, lower, wider, narrower – it doesn't matter! Read more about our design.

Our team truly makes all of our products with love. It doesn’t matter if it is a small or big job – we tackle all projects with the knowledge that people are depending on our quality solutions to do their jobs better… so they can focus on patient care!

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Wheelchair Handle Extensions

A wheelchair is designed for the comfort of the patient, but can be cumbersome for the caregiver bent over and pushing. Our solution is handle extensions designed to allow the givegiver to stand straight while pushing, not bending down and straining their back. They also give more control while crossing a variety of surfaces, slopes, and thresholds.

Our handle extensions are also theft deterrents. After having a serious issue with wheelchair theft, one client noted a rapid decrease after standardizing their wheelchairs with our handle extensions.


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