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Phlebotomy & Lab Carts

Our durable carts are equipped with a 5-legged base that provides 3 points of constant contact when crossing elevators and thresholds, using long lasting 4" twin-wheel casters. They are ergonomically designed with the end-user in mind, with large amounts of modular space available for accessories.


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Our carts are protected with Microban


MED-0020H-L " MED-0020H-L

Offers a concise and compact work surface, perfect for facilities with tight storage and room environments.

Work surface includes: Pen holder, and small bin with dividers. Raised lip on work surface, as well as drawer top, keep supplies in place. Accessories are mounted at the ideal height to minimize bending down for supplies. The extended bracket holds waste basket within close reach.

Operational & Safety Benefits:
  • Lean standard compatible
  • Work process stability
  • Cost management
  • Consistent quality outcomes
  • Improved productivity
  • Worker stress reduction
Included Accessories:
  • Anti-microbial, powdercoated work surface
  • Large drawer with dividers and combination lock
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Side mounted glovebox
  • Waste container
  • Storage bin with dividers
  • 5 legged fluid-shedding base
  • 4” twin-wheel casters

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